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Pre Production

Before a scene package can be booked we like to go over a couple things with you via phone, email, Zoom, FB messenger, or in person consultation. This is a free consultation which ensures the success of your scene. Things we will be asking you:

1. What types of roles do you book?

2. What roles do you want to book?

3. If you were cast on a TV show or film, where do you fit in?

4. What genre are you seeking to book? (comedy, drama, horror, commercial, etc)

5. What do your headshots say about your "type?"

6. Have you consulted with your acting coach on your "type?"

After this consultation, we will begin the process for what types of scenes you want in your reel. Scenes can be monologues that use a stand-in with no lines, or complete scenes where the other actor has lines. You can pick either.


We can provide a stand-in free of charge for any scene. This person might not be the perfect fit for your scene but they are the "other" in the scene to give the look of two people having a conversation. You are highly encouraged to provide your own stand-ins/scene partners. If you ask us to provide your scene partners there will be an additional fee subject to the actor’s discrepancy. Please keep in mind that we are not a casting agency. We make arrangements for scene partners based on the availability of actors in our network that will work within the context of your scene. Once we have booked an actor for your scene we will not make substitutions.


If you choose to work with a scene partner you have selected, we will need to consult with them for their needs. If they just need the footage to edit their own reel, then the cost is split between the two of you for the scene fee. Any additional items you request are subject to your payment. 

Once you have decided you are ready to invest in a demo, Stefanie will reach out to consult you on your goals, casting, and budget. 


Next, decide what types of scenes you’d like to perform. Before scenes are written there must be a phone conversation or in-person meeting with Stefanie to brainstorm the types of scenes and characters you would like to perform for your demo. Note that more elaborate locations or period pieces will either be rejected or at a higher cost. Locations to keep in mind for your scenes include houses, offices, and cars. A studio space can be rented at a varying rate based on availability and will be your responsibility to cover. 


In order to cover the writing and hold your timeslot a 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the consultation or via Paypal, Venmo, or Square. Once you and Stefanie have settled on the framework of the scenes you will receive an email clearly listing the scenes and characters discussed for you to sign-off on. Writing will begin once we receive confirmation and you have paid your deposit.


You will receive the scenes via email attachment for you to review. If you are happy with the writing the next step is to get off-book and prepare yourself for the day of the shoot. *We include one re-write of scenes if necessary*


To ensure that you are ready to nail your scenes when you arrive on set we offer private coaching prior to the day of filming for $30/30 minutes or $55/60 minutes. Every additional 30 minutes is $20.


***Shoot dates for the demo can be moved once; however, there is a $100 fee if moved or canceled within 48 of the session. Any reschedules after the first are subject to an additional $100 rescheduling fee and/or termination of contract*** 

Shoot Day

At least 48 hours prior to the shoot we will send you a call sheet with your locations and call time.

We have access to locations all over the Tampa Bay area. They are chosen based upon the type of scene and availability of space where we can control sound, lighting and outside interference. We avoid shooting in public places and any location that requires a permit will take extra time. You are responsible for getting yourself to set. Another option is to shoot in your own home, and we will come to you.

*Only for clients in the Tampa Bay Area*

Your call time will be 45 minutes to an hour after the crew call.

If we are shooting at your house, we will set a time for us to arrive and set up. Stand-ins/other actors do not need to arrive until 45 minutes to an hour later.  

Show up on time with make-up camera ready and dressed for your first scene.

Just like when shooting headshots, please bring lots of outfit choices: solids and varying neck lines, and try to avoid patterns. We will select which outfits best fit our color scheme for each scene on set.

You will be given one hour once set-up is complete to film your scene. We will coach you on set but it is crucial that you are off-book and come prepared.

The remaining cost of the shoot will be due the day of filming. You can either bring cash or check, however you will not receive your demo until the check has been cleared. **You can opt to pay the balance of the shoot in full via PayPal/Venmo/Zelle but this must be done prior to arriving on set. **

Post Production

Reels will be edited in the Adobe Premiere Pro software. It takes time to mix sound and tweak the colors for a true cinematic look. The estimated time of delivery of the finished reel is between 14-21 days after the shoot.

*Rush Deliveries are available at an additional cost and subject to availability of editor*

We will upload the finished reel to a private Vimeo link for you to approve before sending any footage. It is at that time you may request for a different edit of the scenes. We include one re-cut of the reel at no additional charge. Each edit after that will be billed at $50/session.

If you would like to include other footage in your reel from previous productions, please feel free to send us a link. This is an additional $50 for the editing time which includes any potential attempts at repairing sound or any technical issues.


Transfers will be made using Google Drive. We use the h.264 codec to encode the videos which will give you an .mp4 file. This is one of the most popular video codecs available and can easily be uploaded to different sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Actors Access, etc.).

We will transfer the completed reel as well as the individual scenes. All transfers will be made in full 1080p, HD.

Because of the file sizes, we do not transfer the RAW footage to clients. If you would like us to transfer you the RAW footage, please contact our editor for a quote.

Once your reel is completed, we will upload individual scenes and the reel to our YouTube channel and the video players on our website.

Return Policy & Frequently Asked Questions

All sales are final and not subject to a refund. All initial deposits are non-refundable even if you are the one canceling the session. Shoot dates for the demo can be moved once; however, there is a $100 fee if moved or canceled within 48 of the session. Any reschedules after the first are subject to an additional $100 rescheduling fee and/or termination of contract

  • What if I do not know what types of scenes I want to do?

    • ​We suggest you consult your acting coach or watch what's popular in TV/film currently. If it's not a good fit to do a demo reel session now, then make sure you know what you want before we begin this process. ​​​


  • Can you just write me a bunch of scenes and I choose one?​

    • Your scenes are custom written for YOU! Since the writing process takes a lot of time and in business time is money, we do need to be able to use our time wisely. Before we can start the writing process, we need to be sure you're serious about your session. The non-refundable deposit not only ensures you will be doing your session, but also allows us to do any hiring if necessary for your session. ​​


  • I want to see all the takes to see if I had a better performance. Can you send me the files?

    • When you sign up for a demo reel session with us, you are getting qualified editing that focuses solely on your performance quality. We take all angles and performance details in careful consideration when creating your scene and edit. If you want to have the raw footage, that will need to be discussed separately. We do not typically give the raw footage, but we can offer a quote if this is something you feel strongly about.​


  • Do you offer any additional discounts?

    • Because we offer already low, competitive pricing, we do not have any offers for additional discounts. We are a small business and hire locally so we do need to be able to pay for our crew as well as our business expenses. We appreciate your business and want to give you a quality product at an affordable price.​

    • Periodically, we do offer some one day specials so be sure you follow Bouncy Boxer media on social media for any announcements. 


  • I feel like I could have done my scene better and want to redo it. Can you do that? 

    • In our Policies, we specifically ask that you come prepared with your lines and ​be ready to go. We do give you adequate rehearsal time before we film. The preparation of your character is not our responsibility. It is up to you to bring your best performance. We do coach on site and offer additional coaching prior to your session. So if you do want to redo your session, it will be for the same price due to the rehire of local crew and more labor for the editor.


  • Are you casting? I do not want to pay for a demo reel scene.

    • As a production company, we do have projects continually going on. When we do castings, we use Actors Access and occasionally post in Facebook casting groups. As a working actor, this should be part of your due diligence. You can keep up with our castings there.​


  • I have footage but it's not the greatest. Can you do some work to it?

    • At an additional fee, we can work on cleaning up sound and coloring as best we can. There is no guarantee, however, and this fee covers the time it takes our editor to work on this. ​

  • I want to do a scene based in the 70s. Do you do that?​

    • Period pieces are more complex than the scenes we provide. This takes careful planning for location, wardrobe, production design, and continuity. This is something a full production would need to do. For additional fees, we can work together to make this a full production if you want this scene or short film. Contact us for more details.​​

  • What's the difference between a stand in and a scene partner?

    • A stand in is a person who is reading lines off camera and is not a focus in your scene. This is a person who will be in your scene without the need to truly act in it. See an example here for our scene, Makeover, with Natalie West as the client and Stefanie Davis as the stand in.​

    • A scene partner is an actor playing off your performance and getting their coverage as well. If we provide one, there is a $125 fee associated so we can compensate them for their time. If you provide one and they would like to get a scene cut with their performance highlighted for their reel, you can split the cost. If they do not want footage, then no problem. They'll be in your scene but will not receive an edit for their reel and the focus is mostly on you. See an example here for our scene, Goodbye Sis - Louis Joseph and Goodbye Sis - Shawn Bongiorno. Both were scene partners and each received an edited scene with focus on them.

  • Why did you change your prices? Can you honor your previous packages?

    • As we grow as a business, we learn from our past. With any new product, changes will need to be made in order to benefit both the business and the client. Prices and policies can change at any time to further assist both parties. The prices honored are the ones on the website, which is the most up to date. We're learning what's best for you as well as what's best for us to continue to give you these products. We cannot honor a previous price point once we've changed it. If we have an arrangement, it will be explained via email or written contract of some form. ​


  • I need a stunt scene for my reel. Do you do that?

    • For an additional fee, we can bring in a stunt consultant. Depending on the type of ​scene you want to do, more equipment would need to be brought in. If you are currently working with a stunt teacher, we can work with them to find a solution. Our first priority is safety, so all parties must be signed off by a stunt professional before shooting.

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